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Prometric DAT Tutorial

Prometric DAT Tutorial – What the DAT will be like

Prometric DAT Tutorial If you are anything like I was before taking the DAT, you probably want to know the exact format of the DAT so that you don't have to deal with the task of getting adjusted to the interface on test day and you can learn before hand how to most efficiently use the functions available to you during the test. This Prometric DAT tutorial will answer all your questions regarding this matter. You will take this tutorial on Test Day, however, similar to memorizing the directions for each section of the DAT, knowing the options and functions that will be at your disposal during the test and eliminating uncertainty will most definitely help you achieve your maximum scoring potential. The Prometric DAT Tutorial details everything from what the mouse will look like and how to scroll on the screen to the marking function, the review options at the end of each section, what the calculator will be like on the quantitative reasoning section and the user interface for each section.

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