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Quantitative Reasoning on the DAT

The Quantitative Reasoning Test

According to the ADA (American Dental Association) “The Quantitative Reasoning Test measures your ability to reason with numbers, to manipulate numerical relationships, and deal intelligently with quantitative materials. On the actual DAT, a basic four-function calculator will be available for the Quantitative Reasoning Test only.”   Test takers are given 45 minutes to complete 40 questions, 30 mathematics problems and 10 applied mathematics problems (word problems).

Basic 4 Function QR Calculator  on the DAT|

The Basic 4 Function Calculator provided for the QR section of the DAT



Tested topics include:  

Algebra (equations and expressions, inequalities, exponential notation, absolute value, ratios and proportions, and graphical analysis);

Numeric calculations (fractions and decimals, percentages, approximations, and scientific notation);

Conversions (temperature, time, weight, and distance);

Probability and Statistics;



Make sure to pace yourself during your practice tests, because time will be a HUGE factor for most. The DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer pictured and linked below, are highly recommended prep materials for this section of the DAT. Being adept at solving the problems in these books will have you easily scoring over a 20 on the Quantitative Reasoning Test of the DAT. The DAT Destroyer has a small section for Quantitative Reasoning, sufficient for those that need a little refresher in Math. Math Destroyer will provide a very in depth review of the Quantitative Reasoning Section in the form of many practice tests.

DAT and Math Destroyer, highly recommended DAT test prep materials

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