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Perceptual Ability Test on the DAT

About the Perceptual Ability Test of the DAT

The Perceptual Ability Test (commonly known as the PAT) is a test that is unique to the DAT. This test is taken immediately after the Survey of Natural Sciences Test.   The Perceptual Ability Test consists of 6 subtests:

1. Apertures (Keyholes)

2. View Recognition (Top/Front/End Visualization [TFE])

3. Angle Discrimination (Angle Ranking)

4. Paper Folding (Hole Punches)

5. Cube Counting

6. 3D Form Devleopment (Pattern Folding)

 Test takers are given 60 minutes to complete 90 questions. Each of the six sections is given equal weight, with 15 questions per section of the Perceptual Ability Test. This section is the single most important test of the DAT as each tester’s PAT score is reported separately from other test scores.

Having good perceptual ability requires one to master the interpretation of 2-D objects into 3-D ones, i.e. what a dentist does every time he/she is looking at a patient’s radiograph trying during diagnosis. Too score well on this part of the DAT, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the rules of each section and to pace yourself, allowing enough time for the more difficult sections of the Perceptual Ability Test.

The Perceptual Ability Test (PAT) is designed to test your spatial visualization skills, especially your ability to interpret two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects. These skills will be useful to you as a dentist as you construct a mental image of teeth from X-rays, deal with casts and fillings, etc. On the PAT, you’ll have 60 minutes to answer a total of 90 questions divided into six categories, each consisting of 15 questions.

Crack DAT PAT and DAT Achiever are highly recommended programs to use to help prepare for this section of the test.


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DAT Achiever

Like Crack DAT PAT, DAT Achiever is a computer program that simulates the Perceptual Ability Test of the DAT. However, unlike Crack DAT PAT, it simulates each and every section of the DAT, not just the PAT. One important fact to note about DAT Achiever is that like DAT Destroyer, the questions are quite difficult. However, once mastered, the real DAT will be much easier in comparison!

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