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The Key Steps in the Dental Application Process

June 24, 2012

Below is a “Fill-in” chart you can use to help you stay organized during the whole dental application process.

Just right click the image, save the image, print it out.

Fill in Chart for Dental Application Process

This convenient table is an excerpt from Dr. Joseph Kim’s “The Pre-Dental Guide”. 

Dr. Kim has “consistently scored in the 99th percentile on all of his major high school and undergraduate standardized tests, including the DAT. He is a National Merit Finalist and Scholar.
He also helped prep students as an instructor for tests like the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and DAT, helping many students receive numerous academic awards for scholarship.”
Also, because he was involved in working with dental school admissions, he understands the ins and outs of the whole process.

I found this book very useful as an early pre-dent. It offers some nice “tricks” to the DAT and has a lot of good information that you won’t find anywhere else. It will save you valuable time.

I highly recommend this book especially for those of you who are new/not as familiar with the whole application process for dental school.

There are a few typos, and the book is a little outdated, but for $5-10 you can’t go wrong! If you have a Kindle or an iPad, it is only $3.47!

ADEA Dental School Fair! What to do the Day Before and During DAT TEST DAY!
ADEA Dental School Fair!
What to do the Day Before and During DAT TEST DAY!


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