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About’s mission is to provide guidance to Pre-dental students by highlighting the most effective study resources currently available for the Dental Admission Test, and answering frequently asked questions regarding the DAT to ultimately assist with the process of maturing from a pre-dental student to a matriculated dental student.

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Jon | About Me | Acedat.comMy name is Jon and I am currently a dental student at the Medical University of South Carolina. In my free time I love to game, workout and keep up with shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. While studying for the Dental Admissions Test, I stumbled across  the Student Doctor Network forums  where I discovered DAT Breakdowns, forum posts by those finished with the DAT detailing their entire testing experience. These breakdowns played an important role in my success with the DAT because they helped me determine which study materials worked for the most people, and gave me perspective on how those who were in the upper echelon of scorers approached the monster task of preparing for the DAT. However, this was after much wasted time and effort spent perusing through and skipping over irrelevant posts in the SDN forums’. The forums are filled with a wealth of free, valuable information from brilliant people, but because of the size and lack of specific categorization for posts, much of it is never discovered. Thus I sought to rectify these problems by starting, a central hub of knowledge for pre-dental students.


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